Friday, May 3, 2013

Cub Scout Neckerchief Slide Holder

Each month we make a neckerchief slide with the Cub Scouts. Part of this is because it’s fun, part because it helps them get started on a collection (which is one of the requirements they need to complete to get their Wolf badge).

In reviewing the steps to achieving their collection requirement, we realized the boys need a way to display their collection.

I’ve seen some pegboards used to display neckerchief slides, but that’s a bit more time and materials than we have available. We have a budget, and not a lot of time. So we came up with this idea: a dowel on a base to stack the slides on.

I used some 1x4s from my stash and purchased two 4’ lengths of dowel. Since 1x4s are actually 3.5” wide, I measured and cut eight 3.5”square pieces of wood. I also cut the dowels into 12” lengths.

After finishing the cuts, I measured and marked the center of each square and drilled a pilot hole. I also drilled pilot holes in each dowel, though that was a bit trickier.

I put a dab of wood glue at the end of each dowel and screwed 2” screws through the squares and into the dowels.

But I couldn’t stop there J

I dug through my stash of washi tape and found some yellow and blue- the Cub Scout colors. I used my label maker and made a label for each of the boys.

Little Miss Sunshine participates in all our activities, so I made one for her too, but I decorated hers with pink tape, at her request.

And I decorated mine in more of the blue and yellow tape.

Quick, inexpensive, and pretty easy. Hopefully the boys will be able to keep track of their slides and have a way to display their handiwork.

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