Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cub Scout pony bead neckerchief slide

I wanted to do something presidential for February's neckerchief slide, but just couldn't come up with anything quick and easy.

In the end, after a good amount of time searching online for ideas, I found one here, using pony beads and boondoggle cord. The tutorial was very easy to follow, so I won't re-cap it here. The only thing I would change is the number of rows of beads. The tutorial said to make 10 rows, but I found that loose on my neckerchief, which is bigger than the boys' neckerchiefs, so I had them do 8 rows, and it worked much better- the slides stayed in place.

This proved fairly easy for the boys, with my supervision, but I did the knots for them. I did stripes, but some of the boys did checkerboard or other patterns. It was nice to do a slide that didn't involve paint :)

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